Wycliffe Hall announces the appointment of Clair Linzey as their Research Fellow in Animal Ethics

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Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Clair Linzey as our new Research Fellow in Animal Ethics.

Clair gained an MA in Theological Studies at the University of St Andrews, followed by an MTS at Harvard Divinity School. She then returned to St Andrews to complete her PhD in theology. She is also the deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, which has an international, multidisciplinary fellowship of over 140 academics worldwide.  In addition, she is the Frances Power Cobbe Professor of Animal Theology at the Graduate Theological Foundation.

“We’re delighted to welcome Clair into our expanding cohort of research scholars.  Clair brings great academic expertise and wide leadership experience that will be a gift to the Wycliffe Hall community.” – The Revd Dr Jonathan Brant, Dean for Research and Cultural Development and Director of the Renaissance Project.

Her doctoral thesis (Developing Animal Theology: An Engagement with Leonardo Boff) was published by Routledge, and she is author or editor of 9 other books – the latest of which are The Ethics of Fur: Religious, Cultural, and Legal Perspectives (Lexington) and Animal Theologians (Oxford University Press).

“I am delighted to be joining Wycliffe Hall as a Research Fellow in Animal Ethics. The status of animals is a fascinating and often overlooked area of moral theology. While there is a burgeoning ethical sensitivity to animals in secular culture, there are far too few theologians pondering what it means to see animals as fellow creatures of the same God. Wycliffe’s vibrant theological community will provide a unique stimulus to my research, and it is great that Wycliffe is helping to put animals on the theological agenda.” – Dr Clair Linzey

Clair enjoys mystery novels, running, and tea. She lives with her brother Jake and their rescue dogs Max and Loki.