Graduate Courses

Wycliffe Hall offers graduates the opportunity to develop their academic training and research to the highest levels, while being supported within a closely knit Christian community. With one of the largest graduate theological communities in Oxford, at Wycliffe you will be encouraged to explore your vocation, to prepare for your future, and to experience the riches that Oxford has to offer.


In addition to being involved in the wider Wycliffe community, Wycliffe’s Graduate Centre provides a more intimate community for its graduate students, and organizes a wide range of events throughout the term, providing a stimulating environment for graduate students to meet and share with one another academically, socially, and spiritually.

In addition to running its own seminars and lectures, the Graduate Centre invests significantly in its members. Whether in providing personal study space, funding for conferences, mentoring from its senior academics, training in lecture, seminar, and tutorial environments, or one of the largest theological libraries in Oxford, Wycliffe is committed to ensuring that graduates are prepared for their future, and leave with the skills to succeed.

Here are some of the experiences of our recent students:

Wycliffe accepts students for a wide range of graduate degrees, that differ in terms of areas of specialization, length of time, and the balance of teaching to research. These include primarily academic courses, as well as those in applied theology. The majority of Wycliffe graduate students are studying for programmes offered through the Faculty of Theology and Religion and the Oriental Institute, however, Wycliffe also accepts students who wish to study graduate degrees offered through other faculties and who wish to make use of Wycliffe’s theological expertise within their studies and vocation.

More information on graduate study at Wycliffe can be found in our graduate prospectus [link].

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