Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford (SCIO)

The UK centre of the US Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)

Scio: latin, v. ‘I know’

SCIO partners with Wycliffe Hall as a research and educational institute in Oxford, producing and supporting scholarship in this recognized centre of international educational and scholarly excellence.  It creates and manages international, collaborative research projects serving scholars at Oxford, elsewhere in the UK and internationally and focuses on  advancing the scholarly development and opportunities of academic leaders from member campuses of the CCCU (both North American and International Affiliates)—undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. 

Endeavouring to aid bright, engaged students from its member institutions to prepare for a life of thoughtful, scholarly reflection, the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) has been bringing students to Oxford since 1991.  It partners with Wycliffe in offering programmes for North American students and a broad array of international academics.  The students come from accredited institutions and engage in study at Oxford as part of their degree programme at their home institutions.  SCIO’s programmes strive to integrate fidelity to Christ and Christian traditions with focused scholarly research and reflection. Wycliffe Hall is an affiliate member of the CCCU.

Scholars’ Semester in Oxford (SSO)

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford programme brings students from North America to Wycliffe Hall for Michaelmas or Hilary Term, or both.  As registered Visiting Students at the University, the SSO students can take full advantage of the University’s library, lecture, computing, sporting and other facilities.  They follow a typical Oxford programme of tutorials during Full Term, and their own programme for five weeks outside Full Term which supports their tutorial work, enables them to visit important sites in Oxford and beyond, and allows them time for independent study.  SCIO offers specialist study in classics, English language and literature, history, philosophy, and theology.

Oxford Summer Programme (OSP)

SCIO’s Oxford Summer Programme brings students from North America to Oxford for four weeks over the summer vacation.  The students have access to the Bodleian Library which underpins their academic programme.  They hear lectures, and pursue specialist subjects in class discussion and in independent writing projects.  Social and cultural activities, such as punting and seeing plays, and field trips complement library and classroom based work to enable students to see something of Britain, as well as to further their academic work.

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