Afresh in Each Generation

afresh in each generation

Wycliffe Hall has set itself the (modest) task of fostering a New Renaissance of Christian Scholarship and Culture. One of the key slogans of the Italian Renaissance was Ad Fontes – back to the sources. We want our new Renaissance to go back to the sources as well – attending carefully to the Greco-Roman sources which so shaped the western imagination, but also going back to the biblical sources that did so much to defuse and humanise that pagan heritage. As our society increasingly seeks to distance itself from its biblical influences, a return to the biblical sources could not be more timely. 

John Wycliffe, whose 700th birthday we are celebrating in 2024, was someone who insisted on, and who epitomises, that return to those foundational sources. He was responsible for the first full translation of the Bible into the English of his day, allowing the Bible to speak afresh in the fourteenth century. 

But in every century, the Church has the task of translating its message into the language and thought forms of its generation. How do we so articulate Christian faith as to give it traction in the twenty-first century, and make clear to our contemporaries its sane and humanising character? This Summer School seeks to equip us to proclaim the Christian gospel afresh in our generation, so as to reverse the decline of the Church and to bring reintegration and hope to our society. We hope you’ll join us!

We'll spend each morning studying together and hearing from experts before taking the afternoon to get to know each other better and explore Oxford and the surrounding area.


Sunday 16 June

3 - 5pm              Registration and afternoon tea

5:30pm              Chapel

6:30pm               Welcome dinner with drinks reception

Monday 17 June - Friday 21 June

8:30am               Chapel

9:30am - 1pm    Teaching

1pm                    Lunch

2pm - 5 or 6pm  Afternoon social excursion (not Thursday)

Wednesday 19 June

9:30am - 6pm    Full day excursion to Bath

Thursday 20 June

6:30pm               Gala banquet


nt wright at wycliffe hall 51

The Right Revd Prof N T Wright 

N T Wright is one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars and a world authority on the apostle Paul.  He is the author of over 80 academic and lay-level books.  N T Wright served as Bishop of Durham from 2003 to 2010, when he became Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews.  He is now Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford.







michael lloyd

The Revd Dr Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd is the Principal of Wycliffe Hall and was formerly the chaplain at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford and the Chaplain and Director of Studies in Theology at Christ’s College, Cambridge University. Dr Lloyd has taught theology and doctrine at the University of Oxford, Cambridge University and St Paul’s Theological Centre, London. He has published the popular introduction Café Theology and has co-written Image Bearers with Rachel Atkinson. He has a particular interest in the problem of evil - and an inexplicable love of cricket.






paula hollingsworth

The Revd Paula Hollingsworth

Paula grew up in Bristol. She began her theological training after three years teaching in Uganda with the Church Mission Society. She was ordained priest in Wells Cathedral in 1994 – among the first group of women who were priested – after three years as a deacon. She has had a stimulating and varied ministry in Somerset, Birmingham, Leicester and London which has included parish and  cathedral ministry, teaching and training, spiritual direction and  vocational discernment. She is currently the Chaplain at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Her long term interest in the spirituality of novels – and those of Jane Austen in particular – was honed through studying for an MA in Christian Spirituality at Sarum College. Since then she has written The Spirituality of Jane Austen (published by Lion in 2017) and spoken widely’.


Andrew Atherton headshot

The Revd Dr Andrew Atherstone

Andrew is Tutorial Fellow in Church History at Wycliffe Hall, having joined the Wycliffe Hall staff in 2007 after ordination and doctoral studies here in the late 1990s. He was a ministry apprentice in Islington and Reading, and served curacies at Christ Church, Abingdon and in Eynsham and Cassington, two villages just west of Oxford.

Andrew’s teaching, research and writing is focussed upon the history of the Christian church, especially the relationship between Anglicanism and Evangelicalism. He is research fellow of the Latimer Trust, the successor to Latimer House, an Anglican Evangelical research institute founded in Oxford in 1960. More recently, he has published Repackaging Christianity: Alpha and the building of a global brand.




Jonathan Brant

The Revd Dr Jonathan Brant

Jonathan Brant has served in mission and ministry for over three decades – in the United States, Latin America and the United Kingdom. Since completing his doctorate at Trinity College (Oxford) in 2008, he has served as the Oxford Pastorate Chaplain with overall responsibility for leading a team serving the postgraduate and research community.

He is the Founding Director of the Oxford Character Project and has taught and conducted research as a member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion since 2014. He is the author of many popular and academic books and articles and his research and teaching interests lie in the fields of systematic theology; theology of arts and culture; virtue ethics; and the theory and practice of contemporary mission.




elaine storkey

Dr Elaine Storkey

Elaine Storkey, a philosopher, sociologist, and theologian, has held university posts at Stirling University, Scotland, Oxford University, Open University, Kings College London, and in the USA. She directed the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity for ten years. Since 2008 she has been a Senior Member of Newnham College, Cambridge and is Fellow of Aberystwyth University. 

In addition to hundreds of articles for journals, magazines and symposia, her  recent books include Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women, (IVP 2018), Women in a Patriarchal World (SPCK 2020) and Meeting God in Matthew (SPCK 2022).  

More speakers to be announced shortly.


Relax after lectures and join us to discover Oxford and the surrounding area:

  • Discover Reformation Oxford on a guided walking tour
  • Spend a day in Bath, the Roman spa town that later became the inspiration for Jane Austen's novels
  • Celebrate at the Gala Dinner
  • End the week punting on the river in Oxford

Excursions are subject to change.



Registration fees

Full delegate fee: US$1950

The delegate fee includes admission to all morning teaching, four afternoon excursions, including admission fees to historic/cultural sites visited with the group, lunches Monday - Friday, a welcome dinner on Sunday and the Gala Dinner on Thursday.  It does not include accommodation, which can be booked separately at Wycliffe Hall or elsewhere, travel to/from Oxford or other meals.  UK VAT is included in the fee.


Cancellation policy

A non-refundable deposit of US$487.50 (25% of the total registration fee) is due on booking. Full payment can be made if preferred.  If only the deposit is paid, the balance is due by 15 April 2024.  Cancellations may be made by emailing us on until 15 April 2024 for a refund of any amount paid above the deposit.