The BTh Suite

The BTh Suite consists of one, two, and three-year undergraduate programmes, all available for either part-time or full-time study. These programmes integrate academic study with personal theological reflection and practical application, and therefore provide an excellent framework for ministerial training, whether as part of an ordination pathway in the Church of England, for lay ministry, or ordained ministry within another part of the church. However, given the strong academic element to the course, they also suit students with a general interest in expanding their theological knowledge.

All of these programmes are taught partly within Wycliffe Hall, by our core tutors, and partly through lectures offered in Oxford University’s Faculty of Theology and Religion. They therefore offer all the intellectual rigour of the University of Oxford, combined with the pastoral and ministerial insights of Wycliffe tutors. The majority of teaching is delivered through lectures and seminars, with some small classes and tutorials.

Almost all papers (with the exception of languages) are assessed through essays submitted throughout the year, rather than by exams at the end of the year.


Certificate in Theological Studies

The CTS is available as a full-time one-year programme, or a two-year part-time programme. Most students (with the exception of ordinands in the Church of England) apply initially to the CTS before progressing to the DTS or BTh.

Students receive a foundational introduction to the core disciplines of Biblical Studies, Doctrine, and History, and can then choose from a range of optional papers including Biblical languages, Faith and Philosophy, and Faith and Science.


Diploma in Theological Studies

The DTS is available as a full-time two-year programmes, or a four-year part-time programme. Students initially follow the CTS programme, before expanding their study into more advanced papers in the second half of their programme. Optional papers cover the core disciplines of Biblical Studies, Doctrine, and History, alongside applied studies such as Ethics, and new areas of study such as World Religions.


Bachelor of Theology

The BTh is a full University of Oxford undergraduate degree, available full-time over three years or part-time over six years. In addition to the range of options available under the DTS, students on the BTh complete a long dissertation or project in their final year (or both!), a major independent piece of research on a topic of their choice.


The Theologos Programme

The Theologos Programme is a wrap-around programme of extra-curricular activity, where a cohort of students commit to a year of daily prayer, worship and study, focused upon engaging historic Christian theology with the most pressing questions of contemporary life, and guided by some of the world’s foremost Christian thinkers. If you are interested in joining the Theologos programme alongside your study on the CTS, please click HERE for further information.


More information about all these programmes, including admissions criteria and fees, can be found on the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education webpage HERE


How to Apply

Please apply directly to Wycliffe Hall using the form below.

Applications for October 2024 are currently open. Applications will be considered in one of three gathered fields, closing on:

  • Friday 16 February
  • Friday 3 May 
  • Friday 21 June

Please note that applications from overseas require more time for paperwork including a visa so it is advised to get your application in by the 3rd of May. 

To be considered, applications must be complete including receipt of two references. It is therefore in the applicant's interest to check with their referees that references have been submitted by the deadlines above.