The Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement

“Evangelism is never proclamation in a vacuum; but always to people and the message must be given in terms that make sense to them.” So said the late Michael Green (1930-2019) in his seminal book ‘Evangelism in the Early Church’, encapsulating the call of Christians to proclaim afresh the Gospel in each generation in a way that resonates with its hearers.

Evangelism has always been in the DNA of Wycliffe Hall since our founding in 1877, but this need to proclaim afresh the Gospel to our own generation lay behind Michael Green’s excitement at seeing the new Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement launched this last academic year.

The purpose of the new Centre is twofold: to equip future clergy as missional leaders and to discern, develop and disciple a new generation of evangelists ready to be deployed to assist the church in fulfilling her missional mandate.

Wycliffe’s Director of Ministerial Training, Greg Downes, a member of the Archbishop’s College of Evangelists, is the new Dean of the Centre which will host a number of conferences/training events each year and a public lecture in memory of Michael Green.


Justin Welby becomes Patron of the Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement

We are delighted to announce that the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby has agreed to be the patron of the new Wesley Centre for Missional Engagement and are indebted to him for his support.


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